Biometric Security Explained

November 2nd, 2023

The term biometric can be described as a life measure. Biometrics is used in access and security control applications in Reno NV in order to mean quantifiable physical features of an individual that may be verified on an automatic basis.

Though you may not know it, your driving license includes biometric details about you. Details such as your eye color, hair color, weight, and height are all bodily characteristics which can effortlessly be verified. On the other hand, your height amends as you age. Sixteen year old drivers grow taller, while senior citizens shrink down. The hair color may also change naturally, or on purpose. You may use colored contact lenses which modify your eye color. And lastly, everyone’s weight comes and goes over a period of time.

What kind of biometric data doesn’t change over time? Security people in Reno NV are always searching for biometric data which does not change throughout the course of life. To be exact, they search for bodily characteristics that are invariable and that are hard to change or fake on purpose. But, biometric identification is gradually becoming ordinary as software and hardware slope down in cost.

Biometric Identification

Biometric identification methods may be clustered based on the chief physical characteristic which provides itself to biometric identification:

* Hand Geometry – is the comparison and measurement of the various bodily features of the hand. Even though hand geometry does not possess the same level of individuality or permanence as with some other features, it remains a popular method of biometric identification.

* Fingerprint Identification – The fingerprint ridges are actually created inside the womb. By the 4th month of the fetal growth, a person will have fingerprints. Once formed, the fingerprint ridges are similar with an image on a balloon’s surface. As the individual grows older, the fingers do get bigger. However, the link between the fingerprint ridges is still the same, as with the image on a balloon is identifiable even as the balloon is inflated.

* Palm Vein Authentication – is a system that utilizes an infrared beam in order to go through the person’s hand while it is brandished over the device. The veins inside the palm of the person are read as black lines. The palm vein authentication possesses a high degree of validation accuracy because of the intricacy of the palm’s vein patterns. Since the palm’s vein patterns are inside the body, the authentication system would a hard one to fake. The system does not also need contact. Thus, it is hygienic for utility in public places.

* Retina scan – offers an examination of the capillary blood vessels that are found in the rear of the eye. This pattern stays the same all through life. Retina scans use a low intensity light in order to take a picture of the pattern that is created by blood vessels. This technology was first recommended in the 1930s.

* Iris Scan – offers an examination of the freckles, furrows and rings in the colored ring which borders the eye’s pupil. Over two hundred points are utilized for assessment.

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